Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Treading Dangerous Ground

My interest in fly tying is growing all the time. I stared out tying a simple Midge pattern and now I am getting interested in other patterns. Now I may be headed into an area that may be considered dangerous ground.

The danger isn’t in what I am doing (well maybe a little). I don’t want to spend too much money on dead animals. So I began to try and figure out how to save money on tying materials (uhh, dead animals). I began to think of some of my friends that hunt. I asked around at local gun shops for the names of bird hunters. I actually came away with a few names and phone numbers. I know many deer hunters and I enjoy hunting (especially eating) them.

A few weeks ago I was telling one of the men I go to church with dsc_0034what I was trying to do. He told me that he had a coyote hide in his freezer that I could have if I wanted.

Sunday night he brought it to church and a bag of preservative. I began working it this morning and I have I hanging in a cool place drying.

The first question my wife had was, “Where are you going to put that when you’re done?” I don’t think she shares the same excitement and zeal for this that I do. I wonder what she will say if I bring home some of the road kill I have been eying.

Anyone know any patterns using coyote?


Anonymous said...

Treading bold and innovative, me thinks.

Chris Michels said...

Skok's Pheasant Phlounder. It's a salt water fly, but looks great with coyote. That fly might make a nice streamer for big browns in the fall too!

Matthew said...

Innovative, yes that's the word.
Chris, thanks for the tip on the fly I'll try to look that one up.

Chris Michels said...

Here's a link for ya.

Matthew said...

I found this link to a fly fishing guide in Texas,where the fella uses coyote fur in a carp fly he ties.

dsflyfishing said...

So, the guy just gave you that hide? What was he saving it for in the first place?

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

He does taxidermy as a hobby. He gave it to me because the cost of the form out weighed the fun of it.

Anonymous said...

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